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Why choose a contractor to automate your smart home

Smart Home Install Safety

Why choose a contractor to automate your smart home

Why choose a contractor to automate your smart home 900 540 Bigstar Smart Home

Here we will discuss why should you Choose a Contractor to Automate your Smart Home. Like any home improvement project, building a smart home requires a certain level of expertise.  Just as some homeowners will choose not to rewire a breaker box, building your ideal automated home can be improved by using a professional.

There are no national standards for smart home installation, but a contractor with certification from Residential Real Estate Council:  Smart Home Certificationor ETA International Smart Homeare good consumer options.

Safety and Privacy

When you choose to connect your home, a primary concern should be that devices are listening to you, your family, and loved ones. Maintaining security and privacy while creating an easy to use system can be time consuming and cumbersome.

Home automation is relatively new and although there are few reported cases, think of the appliances and the risks.

  • A smart stove could be turned on remotely, creating a fire hazard
  • A digital alarm system could be de-activated for a burglary
  • Small sensors and IoT devices could get a virus, using internet bandwith and slowing response times.

By employing a contractor, your firmware will be kept up to date by a trained professional. Privacy settings will be adjusted, and your home’s automated network will be secured. You will know what is being updated, and why, to provide a digital fortress in your home.

Integrated Planning

Creating the ideal smart home isn’t as simple as many assume. Mom and Dad have Android devices and you have an iPhone. Guests come and go, but you want to retain security over your connected home. Smart home professionals will find the best solutionfor your household.  A proper automated home is more than just a smart thermostat and Wi-Fi. Major appliances can now be connected from stoves and refrigerators to water heaters. You may already have or be considering solar and battery backup.


Smart home installers understand that proper infrastructure, features, and data transfer is necessary to create an integrated system that is fast and responsive.  A contractor will learn precisely what you need and make your vision happen at a reasonable cost.  A professional will work with you to evaluate necessary cabling and ethernet infrastructurewhich is more reliable than WI-FI.

Bottom Line

EcoFactor estimates that SH technology saves approximately 10 percent on energy bills. Not only do you enjoy the luxury of the smart home, but you should experience savings as well. When a professional installs a smart home ecosystem, your thermostat, water heater and lighting are optimized to save the most money possible. With proper training on daily use and features, you will benefit way more than a manual.

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